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Corporate administration services

At Pinnacle Rock, we take care of the full lifecycle of your company


Guiding you through the process of setting up a company in the Netherlands, which includes sourcing of the best notary to fit your incorporation needs. We specialize in companies ranging from SPV’s, holding (and), finance to fully operational entities.


Preparation of monthly, quarterly or yearly accounting records, tailored to fit your reporting needs in accordance with Dutch GAAP or IFRS.

Financial Reporting

Drafting of audited or unaudited Dutch GAAP or IFRS financial statements together with mandatory reporting requirements to Dutch regulatory bodies such as the Dutch Central Bank.

Cash Management

Thanks to our experience and network, we can help you navigate through compliance requirements when it comes to opening a bank account for your company. To free up some of your time, we can take care of the entire cash management services varying from managing daily payments to third party financing.

Legal representation

Using our pool of attorney-at-law experts, we can maintain full legal compliance requirements for your company to ensure you meet all requirements during the lifecycle of your company. This can either be through annual recurring requirements such as board meeting preparation, minutes, resolutions or even drafting once-off loan and restructuring documentation.

Recruitment and Payroll

We provide services varying from payroll administration to recruitment and relocation.


Preparation and filing of European VAT and CIT tax returns with our fiscal team, as well as assistance with complex fiscal reports such as transfer pricing or fiscal reporting.

Corporate governance reviews/ health check audits

Our administrative assistance also consists of helping you and your team with various due diligence processes with banks and third parties as well as applying for business or regulatory licenses. Our aim is to ensure your focus on your primary business while we take care of the local administrative regulatory matters.

Liquidation services

We offer various liquidation related services should your company lifecycle come to an end.

  • Address
  • Keizersgracht 520H, 1017EK Amsterdam,
    The Netherlands
  • Registation Number
  • 82495653